Bear Boomerangs


Rev. David C. Fantone

105 Murphy Lane,

Grants Pass ( Murphy ), Oregon

541 862 2392

2005 1st place Best Design

2006 1st Place Best Craftmanship

2007 1st place Best Artwork

2011 1st place Best Design

2012 1st place "Crowds  Favorite"

          What People Are Saying About Bear Boomerangs

It's my sincere feeling that both he and his boomerangs are true assets to the community.

And EVERY Boomerang of his that I have... and I've got quite a few ... not only looks great, but flies great as well.

He's relentlessly positive in tone and his love of boomerangs comes through in all that he does...he's amazingly supportive and is an around gentleman.

With ambassadors like him, the image of boomeranging is in good hands.

Bruce B.

USBA.ORG  United States Boomerang Association

to learn more about boomerangs, making them, competition events, rules and regs. check out the site. once there you can explore their links to find out just  about anything you want to  know about boomerangs.

USBA.ORG:  United States Boomerangs Association


Links to YOUTUBE Videos i have created

 If you click on this link you will see some of the videos of my boomerangs in flight.  one interesting video show the proper way to  throw a boomerang.  there are several different angles that you need to know in order for your boomerang to return correctly. 

youtube videos


Boomerang Data Base:

this link will take you to over 1,000 + different Boomerang designs.  you can download them all or you can download only the ones you want:

Crazy Boomerang productions:




Boomerang Groups I recommend:

One of the BEST boomerang Groups to belong to besides the is the Yahoo Group, Boomerang_Talk.   This is one of the largest and most active group of like minded boomerang throwers that is out there.  You can get all of your questions answered.  They are a great group of men and women from all over the world with a very wide age range.  Don't be shy.  Log on and join up.